Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Girls (and Cooper)

Just got back from great girls trip to St. George, of course Cooper came along too! We had so much fun though. Sheila had gotten tickets for us to go to Touchan and see "The Little Mermaid." We drove down and went straight to swimming of course then got ready and ate at Don Pedro's sooo yummy! Here we are at the Touchan. It was so pretty I had never been there before and loved it! The kids were pretty good for the play. Cooper got a bit tired of sitting in his seat after intermission so we went up top to watch it and run around but he was so cute asking all sorts of questions. He wondered where the little Mermaids tail went?
The next day Sheila was so sweet (of course she always is) and watched my kids while Michelle, Erin and I went golfing early in the morning( Larissa decided to get some well deserved sleep;) We went to Green Springs and I forgot my Camera but it was so pretty. At one hole you had to hit your ball across a small canyon! We were surprised we all made the ball across, considering we hadn't golfed in years!
After we ate at Bear Paw Cafe and went to the Reservoir. The kids really liked it but it was so hot! I somehow managed to be the only one who burnt the bottom of my feet walking on the hot hot sand! I ended up with some good sized blisters that feel fine now. Here are the girls jumping for joy!
I love this picture of Grandma Sheila and her grandkids. She is a wonderful Grandma and they all adore her to pieces! Thanks for the fun weekend girls!! When's the next one?

Monday, July 25, 2011

An afternoon at the Zoo

One nice afternoon Sheila and I decided to take the kids and Addy to the zoo! We hadn't been in a while and it was a lot of fun! I wanted to get a classic picture of Melia drinking from the Lion water fountain but of course she thought this was a much better picture... The new dinosaurs at the zoo are pretty awesome. Addy was so cute every time we got by one we'd hear her say, "No, no no." Cooper was fine with most of them besides this huge rex, and Melia, well she is always in for a photo op!
Of course Grandma Sheila, being the wonderful Grandma she is always gets the kids a flavorburst ice cream cone!
Oh and rides... I love this picture of Cooper Looper!
While waiting for the Elephant show the kids got in on the music scene.

>Cooper had so much fun he threw a nice 5 minute fit over is ice cream cone flavor and fell asleep screaming in the wagon.(Sorry if you happened to be sitting next to us!)
Grandma Sheila and her cute Grandkids!
Thanks for the fun day!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


One of my new favorite things to do in the summer is watching movies outside! We were invited to go watch the movie "UP" outside in front of the new "UP" house in Herriman with all of Paul's family and it was a lot of fun! The kids kept busy while waiting for it to get dark enough for the movie to start with Dave's bubble gun, Grandpa Marks blanket rides and Daddy tossing them in the air. They must have looked like they were having a lot of fun because other kids were trying to line up for a ride in the blanket too! Of course the cotton candy, popcorn and treats were plenty of fun too! I really loved this house, they put every detail into it and it's super cute! The kids fell asleep about a third of the way through but we held out to the end anyway.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Every year when Grandpa Clyde comes to visit we take a trip to the hatchery in ogden and let the kids fish for our dinner! I love this tradition because I remember going fishing there when I was little with my Dad and Grandpa Baker. This year was so fun because both our kids were interested in fishing. We got Cooper a Spiderman fishing pole and he and Melia spent the afternoon practicing in our front yard. All the practice paid off for Melia who caught 4 fish all on her own! She was so cute telling us on the way home, "It's a good thing I caught all those fish or we wouldn't have anything to eat for dinner!" It was a lot of fun. Cooper had help catching one, but mainly loved following Holly around the Hatchery and finding snacks and drinks. Aunt Julie always has something cute for the kids and got them all sunglasses to fish in style! We cooked up the fish and wondered if the kids would like it. Melia tried one piece and wasn't too impressed with the taste, but we gave Cooper his what we called "nuggets" and he gobbled them right up. Tastes like chicken right? Well all in all it was another fun fishing trip to the Hatchery!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Piano Sonata in Purple

Our little ballerina had her dance recital! I've been so excited to see her perform because she had the best teacher this year. Her teacher could get ten little 5 year olds to do almost anything! She taught them a real ballet dance to classical music and the costumes fit the performance as well. She did great of course and I loved that she could see us in the audience smiling at her.
All Melia's Fans... (Thanks for coming guys) We were sad that Melia's cousin Bella was in the next time slot of performances so we couldn't see her and Grandma Chris was so nice to come to both! We couldn't believe uncle Mark even came while recuperating from his snowboard fall. ( check it out And Melia was super excited to have her cousin Adalynn there to see her too!

Her Family...
And of course the surprises afterwords...
Great Job Melia!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Preschool Graduation!

I really can't believe how fast time goes. I feel like I just dropped Melia off at her first day of preschool and now it's over. Melia had a great preschool teacher, Ms. Sherri! We are so glad she had such a fun start to school and will be ready for kindergarten! Melia has learned a lot this past year and we are very proud of her and know she will be able to learn anything and do anything she sets her mind to! Melia and her cute little class. They sang a bunch of cute songs, my favorites were the Alphabet backwards(I confess even I can't do that) and the funny song "Skunk in your Trunk." You'll have to ask her to sing this one when you see her it's hilarious!

Melia was so excited to have her family, Grandma Sheila, Michelle and Addy Bug to watch her sing in her preschool graduation and planned that we all went out for frozen yogurt after!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Top Ten List
"Reasons to visit Austin Texas"

10) Going on an Airplane

9) Going on a train ride in Zilker Park and wading in Lady Bird Lake

8) Playing in Grandpa & Grandma's backyard and watching for birds (while enjoying a sonic creamy slushy)

7) The surprises. Candy, Toys and more.

6)Walking hand-in-hand.

5) Lots of Swimming and the cute lifeguards and the pool.

4) A boat ride on Lake Austin and eating at the Hula Hut

3)Sea World!

2) Learning to Golf from Grandpa (and chase turkeys and fish for golf balls)

and the number one reason to visit Austin Texas...
Spending time with Grandma Chris and Grandpa Clyde!