Sunday, August 21, 2011

Just Girls (and Cooper)

Just got back from great girls trip to St. George, of course Cooper came along too! We had so much fun though. Sheila had gotten tickets for us to go to Touchan and see "The Little Mermaid." We drove down and went straight to swimming of course then got ready and ate at Don Pedro's sooo yummy! Here we are at the Touchan. It was so pretty I had never been there before and loved it! The kids were pretty good for the play. Cooper got a bit tired of sitting in his seat after intermission so we went up top to watch it and run around but he was so cute asking all sorts of questions. He wondered where the little Mermaids tail went?
The next day Sheila was so sweet (of course she always is) and watched my kids while Michelle, Erin and I went golfing early in the morning( Larissa decided to get some well deserved sleep;) We went to Green Springs and I forgot my Camera but it was so pretty. At one hole you had to hit your ball across a small canyon! We were surprised we all made the ball across, considering we hadn't golfed in years!
After we ate at Bear Paw Cafe and went to the Reservoir. The kids really liked it but it was so hot! I somehow managed to be the only one who burnt the bottom of my feet walking on the hot hot sand! I ended up with some good sized blisters that feel fine now. Here are the girls jumping for joy!
I love this picture of Grandma Sheila and her grandkids. She is a wonderful Grandma and they all adore her to pieces! Thanks for the fun weekend girls!! When's the next one?

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